End day notes of a sleepy bird..

My eyes are falling shut, and it's 3am in the morning. Realise that I can only sleep for 5 hours at one go, and have to wake up in between. Don't know if its a sleeping disorder, or if it has something to do with age. Oh well, I guess I'd type something before calling it a day the second time.
10 recent or coming happenings: 1) The cable broke down, and had to get Starhub down to get it fixed, 2) My sister gave birth and we visited her and my new niece Sierra at the hospital, 3) bringing my team out for lunch tomorrow, 4) Was told of my transfer to a next door team by Apr 1, handover in progress, new office in June (I guess) 5) Presentation to housing board on Friday afternoon, 3 presentations and 1 report due next Monday 6) 'Avatar fighting' with buddies most of my spare time, 7) PE Exam coming in May, application done, 8) Car with engine problem still not sent for 50,000 servicing (arrghh reminded me... need to call autoshop) and the car needs cleaning badly 9) Still looking for job offers.. (never ending lifelong task) Offers anyone??10) Got a new one piece T shirt!! (Naruto not on sale in Uniclo...)...
Hmm thats about all I can think of for the moment. Pretty much boring huh.. heh... think I am in need of some positive happenings in life.. ;)    

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