Battery from tyre..

No it's not an advert, and it's not a pun for bugdy either. Was at Rail Mall after lunch, starting my car engine, when the car just refused to start!! That's the second time in a row I got stuck at a slope!! Started calling a few auto shops profusely, when I finally got this one shop that was supposed to be at Serangoon, but they told us they would be there by half an hour. We waited a while and this young guy in a small van comes by. He parked his van beside my car, took a look at my battery, and told me it was already damaged. And I just got the battery changed a year ago! He placed the new battery on the old one and told me to start the engine. It's a wonder.. it started. And from then on, we spoke for about 2 minutes, and it was done!! Ok... I'm going to keep this guys number for any emergency. Goes to show that every field has its scholars.

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