Can't believe it!! I have two gifts before Christmas, both are from different people and both are exactly the same thing!! Wonder why everyone thinks I need one. Maybe my current position really sucks. Or there are a lot of small people around me. Haha.

On a lighter note, a security aunty at the office guardpost who never spoke to me much walked towards us when we were standing at the corridor. Half expecting her to tell us to move aside and not block the corridor, she came over and asked me if I could help her buy breakfast!! To think that we never exchanged words before, I think I really got the "Me! me! Use me!" word written on my forehead. But ok la, helping people is a good thing. And the guards at the office (minus the two that always frown one) are quite nice.  

Bought 30 small gifts for friends in the office, and you wont believe it... 30 also not enough!! And I only gave to those people that are closer to me or who work with me. At least I covered my closer friends. :)

And the proverbial christmas tree is up in our house!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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