Scary... dun read if u got weak heart...

After our basketball session, we were all seated beside the court taking a break when Go-Liap told us about the story at marina kbox. Freaked us all out, as some of us do frequent kbox, but not the one he mentioned.
Managed to find the forum post here under the post by aviador.
Just before we all went back, a few of them decided to go to the opposite foodcourt for dinner/supper. I had dinner at home, and was giving a fren a lift to the MRT. So, we bid everyone farewell, and without thinking I mentioned that the 4 of them were going for supper. Then, everyone just got stunted and asked, "where got 4???" And they started counting again to make sure there was only 3 of them going for supper. Wahahaha!
Good thing I only sing k in the morning or afternoon. Hope I can sleep tonight. Hee.

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