It was such a long week that Saturday was such a relief. We were expecting our new TV on a Saturday morning, a Samsung SMART TV that could connect to the internet.

It really isn't anything spectacular, we just needed a replacement for the old TV. But I was quite pleased that we could see youtube clips directly from the internet without needing to connect the TV to a PC. Plus I could plug my thumbdrive with a movie file to the TV without needing to put a cable and connect a speaker to the laptop to play a downloaded movie! Ok, I am probably low tech, and you guys probably have such TVs like that years ago, but it's all good.

Managed to call the aircond service man in the morning too, and guess what, he was available in the same morning because he was repairing someone elses aircond in another unit of my condo! It was like killing 2 birds with one morning. Only thing that bummed me was his marketing strategy. Servicing 5 fancoils with condensor costs $105. He told me 3 units needed chemical and plus 2 condensor servicing added with gas-ing and some other costs worked up to a one time cost of $810!! Lucky for me, if I opted for an annual package, it would've costed me $820 for a 3 monthly servicing package. Just $10 more than this one time servicing. &^%#@*&^$ Bloody thief. I kept my composure, and told him we would try our luck and just do with the normal servicing. Wonder if I was being too cautious or every aircond servicemen makes a living that way.

Went over to IKEA and finally got the console table. Couldn't find the magazine rack, but at least, we got one out of 2 of the targets done. Finally have a place to put the guest room TV on, and to place the PS3 and XBOX360.  

Minus the steam crabs and the korean black noodles and the night time coffee at pacific coffee and coffee bean and the strawberry espresso and espresso milkshake in TCC, and watching Thor on the new TV, and walking Bukit Timah hill, I guess it's been a busy weekend.

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