Been a bit tired lately, juggling work, deadlines, requests. Haven't had time to sit down and really think what I want or where I should be headed. I met someone that was leaving, that told me of what transpired between the time they decided and the time they left. It really was something I didn't really consider or couldn't really envision, probably right up till now. But different perspectives are always welcome. For me, its not about the work, or the boss, or the peers. It's all about the level of happiness. If you're in a place that you feel happy being in, nothing else matters much actually. It is when you're unhappy most of the time, that you start asking what is there in it for me. Salary? Money? Rank? Less work? We all have our plights and woes. But I guess I have reached another level of unhappiness that requires me to really think about what I want, or where I want to be. It's about nobody else. It's just me.

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