Caverns of Moria

Part of the job requirements require us to put ourself in conditions of danger. This day, it felt like something from a D&D show, entering in to some dwarven mines. It wasn't Moria but being in a cave structure with rocks all over reminded me of the bat caves we went to. Only thing is, the conditions were much better when you're on a holiday watching bats, then when you are at some job required hazardous cavern trying to assess its condition. The smell of ammonia and the constant dripping of water added to the discomfort and a going-to-get-sick feeling. I was equipped with two 1-handed weapons, not scimitar and crossbow, but some meters. Ended up with a huge migraine, and some instruction on more work to come. But all in all, I guess having some detour from daily work is much more gratifying than staying in the office doing the routine work I do.

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