It feels funny... watching people I know slowly quit and leave the organisation. It's like history repeating itself again and again, only back then, I was one of the earliest to leave, so it spared me the farewells and goodbyes. It took me 6 years to leave, but when I decided to, I just did it. I guess I am not that driven, despite what people tell me, I would've left the company years back if I was. But well, it takes a catalyst to make me budge I guess, and the catalyst is pretty strong.
A lot of friends are leaving, or have already gone. As one put it, "You're not planning to stay here forever are you? I'm thinking like 1 to 2 years, all of us will be gone". It's sad, hearing that another friend might leave. And that more and more people will start to leave, whether we like it or not. If we don't, then the things that follow would be ours to blame and no one elses.

Maybe I'm just too lazy, and maybe I'm just making excuses. But there will be a time when I've had enough, and I hope that time comes soon. Then I can spare myself the suffering and bid others farewell, instead of having to say bye to all the nice people i know.

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