Ripples in the water..

Stark realities, through the past few weeks, where so many things happen in such a short period of time. Learned a lot about human nature, how people tend to be and what people are like, driven by their sins of pride, greed, envy, sloth. People I thought I knew, who turned out to be nothing but monsters that valued material gains above everything else, people who misuse their positions to get what they want to satisfy their biased needs, people who bite the hand that fed them and let self preservation lead their actions, people who forget how much they got in the past and only remember what they have in the present. I guess sometimes my judgement of character is flawed, that I now regret ever knowing or befriending people like that. Maybe its not a bad thing, maybe it drives me to be more aware of what this world truly is. Of what people really are in essence, some hiding behind others, some running away from everything, others pretending that things are ok and some priding themselves for doing nothing wrong. It's really a dog eat dog world, there are no nice people or good people, only people who make use of you for their benefit at the moment. And at the end of the day, this is the kind of world we live in. Trust no one. Believe in no one. It's a world I have begin to hate. This world we live in.

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