Quite a fair bit to worry about and deal with in the near future...

1) PPE exam is coming soon... there is just too much to study, but motivation whatsoever to look at the books... I forced myself to look at a stack of submission requirements, but it's really just too much details to cover everything, and I'm just demoralised and demotivated if anything.

2) Changes in the company is imminent, and we are given the 2 May deadline. That is old news. But no one is telling us anything, making everyone restless thinking of what is going to happen to us in a months time. Tempers are flaring, people are unhappy, and I am having a difficult time pacifying everyone and anyone, including myself. Don't understand what's taking them so long to decide on what should be decided a month back?

3) It's not a good year. Family matters are a plenty. Seems like the only possible solution is to go to the temple and pray hard that everyone will be ok and well. And to call home more often.

4) It's getting difficult to meet expectations. While I would very much like to split into a dozen parts, it's not easy juggling problems, with friends, with family, with work. So I pray for everyone's understanding that I won't be trying to appease everyone as I always use to. Where possible, I would still help and spare time when required. But will probably cut down on entertainment or socials, until at least some things have settled down.

For those that made my life easier by being there for me, helping me or cheering me up, thank you so so so much. Got a video recently from a bro that just made my day. :) For those that believe in me, thanks, I will work harder...but no guarantees that I will pass. Just wish I could scrape through and get through this.

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