Of Hope and Fate

Life is a truly morbid joker. Where it felt like there was nothing else to hope for, and nothing to be glad about, it flickers glimmers of hope at me.

I was really distraught about the things at work, the way I was never appreciated for the things I do, the way everyone else got all the accolades, good grades, recognition, when I always tried really hard and gave it everything I could, even when I couldn't. At one stage, it really felt like no one really bothered even if I was to disappear from the face of the earth the next day.

I got an email today, having the words "You have done well". For an insignificant like me, it really meant something, however it was intended or whether everyone else had the same or even if it was meant a different way, it just wasn't important. To me, seeing that just made me think that somewhere down the line, someone noticed and appreciated the effort.

Today, in our branch meeting, it just felt like everyone was supportive. Albeit my corny humour and candid remarks, just to have everyone's recognition made me feel that being there for others and helping each other out was really worth something.

Someone told me, that people knew that I helped them, and everyone appreciates what I have been doing for them. That really did put a smile on my face.

Well yes, I am easily contented. Everyone seems to ask me how I can laugh and be happy everyday. I guess when you suffer enough in life, get betrayed a lot, be lied to enough and be hurt by the people you believed and trusted in enough, you'd look at life in a different light. :)

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