Kept thinking today was Sunday.. and tomorrow was a work day. Just found out from someone that another lorry crane toppled.. like I care..wahaha... but was a bit worried that it'd ruin my weekend. Though luckily, the boss was a bit empathetic, and didn't call us down on a Saturday. Come Monday, that's a different story.

Went Vivo, has a nice lunch, and got myself a new book.

Yep, it's another one of those small boy books that I read. After reading the Moonshae Triology, I dun think I've ever come across any better book that describes the D&D world better. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this book will not dissapoint me like everything else.

Oh well, was aiming for that Gaara or that Sasuke... but as usual, luck is not on my side, and I got a Karin and a Kakashi instead.

Just had a nice Mocha Ice Blended from Coffee Bean a while ago. Or was that Starbucks. I can never differentiate them. Apart from that Starbucks has better coffee I think. Or is it the other way? hmm..

Ok... time to gao gao. Good night! And sweet dreams!

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