Alone again,
I sit and pray,
That things will be,
As it always has,
And always will,
That nothing would happen,
That will sway off course,
That everything that is felt,
Is never remorse.

How and what I'd seen,
Is but just a farce,
Nothing really means,
or much less matters,
As I sit and ponder,
It makes me wonder,
Had it been a dream?
A fantasy?
Or was it just my imagination?

Gathering my thoughts,
I sit and pray,
alone again,
That spark of emptiness,
The little void,
What I've lost,
I refuse to recall.

Perhaps it's fate,
or blind faith,
Of it's destined,
That life would be,
As it is today.
That daffodils are flowers,
And bees are insects,
And you are you,
And I...remain me.

First time writing a poem...wahahaha... I suck... I know...
But need break between topics la... heh..

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