Boston - Legal

Last week, we got our selves enrolled. flew 26.6hrs, got to a hotel, joined a course and spent 5 days attending a Harvard school course. The most immemorable experience, if there is even such a word, would be the flight duration, taking us through check in counters, security points, immigrations, up a plane, down a plane, up a plane, down a plane, and up a plane again, walking from one terminal to another. If stopping over at Hong Kong and San Fransisco was not enough, going through security at Singapore, Hong Kong, San Fran and Boston twice each journey was enough to convince me that I never want to visit the United States again.

Oh well, Boston wasn't all bad. Minus the freezingly uncomfortable weather, the seemingly unfriendly people, and the overwhelming Jamaican cab drivers (I'm guessing they are Jamaican from the accent), things seem to be ok. Boston, I heard, is popular for their seafood cuisine and I was told not to miss out on the lobster and clam chowder. We searched high and low for a place to have good cheap lobster, but ended up feel cold and beaten. Taking shelter in Quincy Market, we finally found cheap lobster in the most unlikely place we would think of.

So, here we are, in this foreign country, pretending to be young students, and dreading the cold and freezing weather every dinner. Transport from the hotel to the training location is very much provided, so all we needed to do was make our own arrangements for site seeing after each day, but even that, seemed to be an arduous uphill task for us each day. We passed each day rushing out for food, a little shopping, braving the rain and finally going back to the comfort of our rooms. The hotel was a 3 star hotel, with all the ameneties and a big enough bed to make me feel that staying there was almost worth it. Almost.

Between those few days, other than that unforgetable lobster and clam chowder, we had....



..... Food court food

..... and some Indian Food (whisper: 'sponsored by the boss')

And of course, while we were there, we did quite a bit of work.... not just shop and eat. To name just a few, we....

.....passed through Harvard Park and admired John Howard's statue

.....looked at the world's first calculator

.....visited a scientific safety institute

.....and tried their tram system.

And oh...did I mention? Adam Sandler was one of our lecturers!!

Ok, for the rest of the not so interesting working pics, I'll leave it for the office presentations...

So, that's it for Boston. Do ask me if you're interested to know about the lady lecturers from china, the guy sitting next to me on the plane, the cab drivers, or just anything else u wanna know about Boston.. Cheers!! and have a good night! ;)

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