Heartfelt thanks...

It's a simple day for me... another day older... another year gone..

Don't think I have achieved as much as I would've liked to, climbed as many mountains, or counquered as many hurdles as I would dream of... but life has been kind to me till now.

Thanks to those of u...who made things special for me till now... who albeit all my shortcomings, believed in me and supported me. To u, who made my life meaningful, and treated me in kind, though I may be rash and hard headed, stubborn and unbearable... emotional, sensitive, insensitive and hot tempered... persistent, idiotic, biased and 'tao ren yan'... I thank you will all my heart and wish you all a very very very good life ahead of you. :)

God, this sounds like I'm writing a will..... hahahahaha


ananix said...

I just realizr another year passes every day! tripping

ananix said...

omg every second!!

now im getting creaped