Phew. Went for a haircut, nearly got into an accident on the way tired I missed out the turning green arrow, paid all the bills at AXS, drew money for tomorrow, went home, took a bath, folded clothes. Finally, I have some time to blog.

As usual, each time I have a haircut, I have to blog about it. This time is no different.

On the way in to EC house at Bukit Panjang, the guy leaving said to the lady that was going to cut my hair, "Next time you must cut for me ya". And then when my haircut started, a lady came in and said, "Ooh I want you to cut for me. You are the only one who knows how to cut my hair". So I presumed she must be really good, or she paid a lot of money to hire extras. I think it's the former, cos a hair cut at EC house costs $10 only. But hor, after the haircut... I look like a kid! At certain angles, I look as if I haven't gotten a haircut, at other angles, I look like a small kid. Oh well, maybe fusion suits me. Half old, half young. Half L, half DMC. Half Takeshi, half Orlando.

And on the way there, I heard something on the radio about a survey on how difficult it is to complain about government officers here. Seriously, I don't understand the fixation of people to complain. It's like we're all branded. "Don't give us what we want when we complain, and you should be hung!" That kinda thing. Firstly, not all officers are like that. It's like a zoo, u have different species in each cage. In our oval office, we have different officers at each cubicle too. We're not all just monkeys, we have zebras, kangaroos and tigers too. Recently got a complaint about some works being done, and after checking that nothing was wrong and replying to the source, the response was "guarantee now..that nothing will ever go wrong...ever". For 2.5 seconds, I felt like I was escalated to the status of an ephemeral being. "Yes, I guarantee that you will live till 100 years old". Shaking my head, I realise that the only response that was possible was "Sorry, wrong recipient. Turn left, turn right, turn another left and you will see the Prayers Department...ask for a guy named God". Seriously, complain if it warrants complaining and ask for your rights. But don't just ask for the sky. The person that deals with your complaint, might very well be your son that just graduated, or some young kid that is just taking instructions from older, more sinister..I mean experienced... seniors.

On a lighter note, I am still half way thru folding lions. Don't ask. If you find a good origami lion diagram (no Japanese lion please.. no I am not prejudiced against Japanese, it's just that I saw that clip on youtube alredy), do send it to me.

And ooh... remember posting a note long long ago about some tabs. Seems like I still get emails from all over the world asking me to share the tabs. Worst thing is.. I didn't keep it, or rather I've misplaced it. Just surprised that people still send me emails years later requesting for it.

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