Orthros No Inu

Watching this now. Quite an interesting series, with a fiend Ryuzaki Shinji that possesses a God Hand that can heal any injuries or illnesses, and a teacher Aoi Ryosuke that has Demonic hands that can kill people with a touch. Still wonder why the title is called Orthros no inu or Dog of Orthros, considering Orthros is a dog itself.

Down to some Greek Mythology on Orthros, Orthros was a two-headed, serpent-tailed dog, a brother of monsters such as Kerberos and the Khimaira better known as Cereberus and Chimera. He mated with the latter, siring the Sphinx and Nemean Lion. (Wow, diden realise mythological beasts can mate!) His master was the three-bodied giant Geryon, king of the sunset isle of Erytheia. Orthros was set to guard his master's fabulous herd of red-skinned cattle. That being said, this info has totally nothing to do with the series, minus the fact that Ryosuke put a dog soft toy beside his student's bed and orthros might appear somewhere later in the movie??


adriantai said...

you just wanna action and tell everyone u know greek mythology isit?!? :)

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