Ever seen an embarassing moment and wonder what u would do if u were in it? Sometimes I really wonder if what I'm doing is the right thing.

So, lets just say, if you were to see a friend with 2 strands of hair sticking out his/her nose... would u:

a) crack a joke of it;
b) bring him/her to a corner and tell him/her; or
c) pretend u diden see it.

Or if u had body or mouth odour, would u:

a) Rather have ur friends pretend they don't know;
b) Have someone tell u asap so that u could do something about it; or
c) "If u r my friend, learn how to live with it!!"

I guess what u'd do and what u want people to do to u, if u were in that situation might differ. While ignorance is bliss, sometimes, I'd rather know it, feel embarassed and get it done with. Other times, I'd wish a small tsunami would sweep over, and everyone would concentrate on it and forget about the embarassing stuff. I guess its good to be able to laugh at yourself once in a while, but then again, once in a very very long while.

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