Before getting the car, someone told me that the new Vios had a really loud engine sound. Got the car, and sure thing, there was this loud rumbling noise everytime I drove to about 80 - 100. It came to a point that the sound was really quite bad, and we even contemplated on getting sound proofing for the car. The auto gear comes in a kinda wierd shaped configuration with P, R, N, D-3, 2, L.

Then one fine day, I realised that D and 3 was actually 2 seperate gears, and u just switch between gears by shifting in from the left to the right and vice versa. Good thing I realised this in the first week of driving the new car, or else I'd be using 3rd gear whenever I use the car! Sure thing, the sound dissapeared after switching gears and we saved a couple of hundreds in sound proofing. Who designs such ^&%#%$# configurations anyway.

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