Trust and believe

A circus performer walking on a tightrope asked the audience to raise their hands if they believed that he could cross the tightrope while riding on a barrel with someone inside. Everyone in the audience raised their hands after witnessing his ease of walking on the rope. Then, he asked them if anyone would trust him enough to be the one in the barrel while he performs this. This time, not a single person raised their hands. While they believed that he could do it, no one trusted him enough to want to be in the barrel.
Most of the time, we mistake our beliefs with trust... and only when something happens, our beliefs crumble and what we though was trust for a person, ends up only being beliefs that we fail to hold on to. So before u claim u trust someone, think first what u'd do if something happens to that person. Would u then still trust that person to be who they are? Or crumble when something happens? 

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