Who am I !!!

Was at Trade Hub today for dinner and walking over to buy a cup of coffee from the counter, when a bald guy sitting at a table shouted out to me, "ooi ooi". I looked at him strangely, and continued to walk to the counter, at which he shouted even louder "ooi ooi ooi". I turned my head around, stared at him sharply, and turned back to order my kopi ping. He ran over, stood beside me and said "sorry ah, I saw u wearing like uniform, I never come here before, thought u work here".. *&^%&^%#@^... That's a $79 F1 polo T shirt!! What uniform... &%^&$#$^

A day back, I went to a site. Corresponded with the project manager a while back, and was supposed to meet him with my staff on site. As I drove in to the site and stopped my car, he came over and greeted my staff, then greeted me, and asked me who I am. I said "I am Tong", and he gasped. He actually gasped. "Hah?? You? Group head? So young? U r Tong?" niabe...knnknnknnknnknn... what young? Almost no change aredy lei. And what, I cannot be head isit? Got problem isit?

Went to a meeting with my staff, one of which was a 60+ yr old and another a 20+ yr old. As we sat down and started the meeting, you can see the confusion, as though asking "Why did he bring two kids to this meeting?" &^%#^%^*&^... I said, "Let's start with a round of introductions" and my staff introduced me as his colleague. Their confusion seem to increase, as they look at this guy rocking his chair and twisting his pen.  At this point, the only thing left to do was to exchange namecards. I took out my namecard and passed it to the Director, and you can see the 'waahh' expression.

No one seems to understand that Head is very very small in our organisation.. Very very very small. No Director at the back of our title. Only zho kang, work like *&^%%$&^ and get mediocre salary. Very very very very small. And nooooo the shirt is $79! It's made by an Italian tailor that sew in each strand one by one by one.... arrggh...

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