At the Movies in Bangkok

Was in Bangkok, and we had some time to kill before taking the flight back to Singapore. Decided to catch a movie, as it's one of those top 5 things you have to do there. We went in expecting an anthem to commemorate the King of Thailand. The screening started, and they played adverts. 1min passed, adverts... 5 mins passed... adverts... 15mins passed... still adverts... At one point it felt like we were going to miss the flight if they play any more adverts... 20 mins passed, and finally... no, not the movie.. another short clip on Maggi of the Simpsons came on... followed by yet another 5 mins of adverts!! Pant pant.. Finally... this time really finally, the anthem came, and we all stood up to listen to a song showing the King and how he is involved with the people. Should be the longest advert session in a movie I have ever seen, ever!

The movie was nice though.. 

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