A car, a gun and a some fun...

Was driving up a hill for a teambuilding session, right after we had kublai khan for lunch. I saw the sign turning into a carpark that we were heading to, and we barely missed it by a bit. I reversed the car on the slope, and just as I was doing that, the engine died. Gave me a shock when the car started moving downwards, and I had to jam the brakes and pull the hand-breaks together to make sure that the car doesn't slide further!! Each time I tried to start the engine, the car slid down, till it was about 1 inch from the vehicle impact guardrail on the roadside!! Two of the three colleagues that were with me got down the car, and other colleagues started to arrive. A few of them started holding on to the car, as I tried to shift the gear to drive once again. Phew! This time it worked! Gave everyone a fright there, and the car became a topic of conversation just before the teambuilding session went on.

Well, we did have a good time with the laser quest. Three missions, and we won all three! But its not really about winning, more about just getting to know each other better I guess. But it was just fun for a change. Spending ages fighting fire everyday is really just a bummer.

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