Total defense!!

Went to work early in the morning.. had bf... and when I got to the office, there was a complaint waiting for me, some jiao comments on some letter sent in to address, a few leaves to approve, some bill to chase, an email from the big boss asking for audience, someone asking for me to help vet an appeal, a system problem to address on some ops thing, request for info from the boss, a course to postpone, some reports to vet and approve etc etc all at one go!! The boss comes out and passes me 2 papers, a buddy comes over with an appraisal, and finally after everything is done and complete, had some time to have a nice lunch.

I was thinking of clearing the audience in the afternoon, but ended up bringing the team to site. Spent quite a number of hours under the hot sun, and I totally forgot I was having diarrhoea and a slight fever. Perhaps the hectic day took my mind off things so much, that it didn't feel like I wasn't feeling well at all!!

Oh well, I guess it's all just part of a days work, and I get to get a good nights sleep. It's really nice though, when everyone asks me how my work is, and I always tell them I am too free and there's totally nothing to do. Wahaha, priceless!

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