Think I really have to learn time management. Went to office, got an email out, sent out 7 sets of pins, drafted a letter, spoke to one of the bosses for instruction, keyed in a report, ran out to deliver food cos i was late, ran back to get signature, then finally had some time for lunch. Haven't even applied for leave for tomorrow or paid my bills, and I still have to wait for a contractor to come down to get the letter, look at legal clauses to charge someone, get some docs scanned, and then send them to another office. Plus need to do transport claim, still owe someone an email to teach someone how to reply some idiotic enquiry and need to clear some training stuff with another office, plus need to raise a circular to remind ppl to attend some other training. Not to mention, need to take statements and draft report. And tomorrow I'm applying for leave to go back to my hometown! Either I'm too slow, or there's too much to do. Think I should really see how to do things more efficiently.

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