Point to Ponder

Today I learnt that everything changes with time. We always feel that certain things would never change and that everything would be as it is, especially with certain things or people that we are confident in. But in reality, no matter how much you feel or hope or wish for something, nothing is or will ever the same. People change, things change, even memories defer from what it actually felt like.

I also learnt that everyone is being judged every second of the day. Our friends judge us, our family judge us, our peers judge us, not to mention our bosses and everyday people we meet. And we in turn judge people for what we feel they are like and what we think they should be. And people like to expend advise on how we should live our lives, on how we should be judging ourselves and how we should judge others. No one lives the day thinking that we should just treat everyone in kind and hope that kindness would come back to us any more.

Perhaps maturity is about learning the harsh realities of life. Perhaps giving up on being happy is the only way a person can be happy. Or perhaps happiness is a state of mind, and really does not exist.

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