4 birds were flying towards heaven.

The first bird who got there, didn't know what heaven was. He stopped by, looked around, then thought that heaven shouldn’t have so many columns higher than he could fly. He took flight and flew away.

The second bird, went to heaven’s borders, and floated close by, and then decided to fly away to another heaven.

The third bird being dragged by a ball and chain, reached heaven, and thought that it was the best place on earth. However, he stayed but was dragged down and out of heaven, by a gust of wind brought in by the fourth bird.

The fourth bird, flew in to take over the spot in heaven left by the 3rd bird, sat comfortably and thought, “Is this really heaven?”

There are so many different ways to perceive things. If the first bird knew he was in heaven, he wouldn’t bother about the columns. If the second bird realised he was in heaven, there was no need at all for him to find another heaven. If the third bird had no ball and chain, it would be free to stay, and would have prevented being blown out by the wind. The fourth bird, is not confident that he is in heaven.

Moral of the story: Believe in what u think is heaven, remove obstacles and be confident that what you are in is really really heaven.

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