Brilliant Genius

This guy leaves a note on my laptop telling me not to connect to the network. I call to enquire and they say that there is 'suspicious activity' on my com the past week. Considering that I was on leave for 2 weeks, I guessed it must be a virus programme or something.

The guy I called told me to run a virus scan using McAfee. I did just that, and there were no virus found. So I give the guy a call again, and he asks for a print log. I connected back to the network and sent him the log by email and he says that everything is ok except that an engineer might come over to take a look, just in case.

So, this engineer turns up and before anything happens, pulls out the network cable and starts telling me that I am the virus infecting the whole company. No, thats not a typo. He said I was the virus. A colleague heard it and laughed all the way telling me that I might be the infectant.

So, this guy sits down, connects his HDD to my laptop and starts to install AVG antivirus into my laptop! So, I guess it means that McAfee is not as good as AVG? (He was using the free version by the way). So he runs the virus scan again, and again it indicated no virus found. Tried to be helpful by telling him to use Spybot or some other programme to check on spyware, but he insisted that AVG had everything covered.

Took him another hour to do print screens of the anti virus scan results, before he finally told me that there was nothing wrong with my pc and there was no activity whatsoever for the past 2 weeks (which I am well aware of.. I was on hols!).

Guess it'd be much more painless if the guy just told me to run AVG and send him the printscreen results, instead of hogging my com for a few hours.


Anonymous said... it typical of civil servant?..tkl

Phenom said...

erm... not that typical la... maybe percentage higher than prvt.. haha

adriantai said...

the poor guy needs to just justify his job la... :)

Phenom said...

ya.. but cannot tahan when he said I was the virus that infected the whole company.. had this really rude expression, like my computer having virus is tantamount to me committing a crime lidat.. hais.. hahhahaa..

Dun worry, he is a minority. Most IT guys I know are cool.