Cousin sisters came over for a working trip. They stayed over at my place for a night last week, then one of them went back, and the other stayed over at the company paid hotel. Just had a chat with her. She's going back tomorrow.

Funny thing about travelling is that we go shopping and stuff, and go to a million places that you wont go to if you were living there. Its like the novelty of going places is really not there. For the 5 days my cuz was here, she probably visited more shopping complexes than what I'd visit in a year!

Its been ages since I've seen these kids. One offered to make me pancakes for breakfast and reminded me that she is now a housewife. The other changed 3 companies in the past few years and made a carreer switch to HR a yr ago. It's like they've grown so much that they've outgrown me. My cousin brother, the one I am closest to, has to stay home to look after his kid.

Oh well, maybe one day, I'd wake up and see some long beard and white hair... and then realise that I've actually reached an age where feeling young is no longer an option.

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