Finally a letter!!!

I was reading the newspapers one day... and being a comic page person, it was a one in a lifetime occurence that I was flipping through the rest of the articles... halfway through the newspapers, an article caught my attention. It was on a rapist being caught. What caught my attention was not the article itself, but the name of the rapist... it was 80% similar to that of my brother!! So what happened next is history... and it included some liquid paper, an envelope and a stamp. He received the letter a few days later... and his joy of receiving it was shortlived.. I guess he would've cursed me profusely after receiving an envelope with an article.

Years later, well actually yesterday, I read an article on a kid with a depressing past... well, only this time, he had the name of my office buddy... stopping short of cutting out the article, I sent him an sms with the page number and newspaper it was on... phew..... good thing though, he didn't have the time to read it...

Guess I should start writing a proper letter... to compensate for the missing letter that should've companied the article..

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