Fan Tai Sui and the Year of the Dog

I was enjoying the day when I passed by a colleagues cubicle. There and then, my colleague passed me an article regarding on the 2006 zodiac. Not that I'm really superstitious, but being Chinese I hold on to my roots to belief in a minimal amount of the zodiac. Just then, my colleague pointed out that the 'Dragon' is not going to have a good year this year. "Fan Tai Sui, better be careful" my colleague exclaimed. After reading what the article wrote, my streak of happiness just fell like withering leaves. To make matters worse, my colleague pulls out a second article from another newspaper and said, "Eh, this one also say the same thing leh!" I'm not superstitious, but psychologically speaking - there goes my year.

PS: If you're a Dragon, forget this article 5 seconds after reading it. Finding the zodiac and reading it will only bring you misery for the rest of the year!! ;P

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